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Driving Lessons Halifax
Driving Lessons Halifax

Driving lessons halifax customer reviews halifax

Here are some of our 

customer reviews at

RPT Driver Training..

See what our customers have to say.

Harry Prince

"Fantastic driving instructor -

I highly recommend Richard!! Since my first lesson to passing my test

he has supported, guided and helped me to improve my driving.

His methods are simple and easily to follow.

He is great at pushing you to do your best and succeed

whether that be performing a manoeuvre or when you're driving."


Kathleen Kennedy

"I can not recommend Richard enough! 

With having two previous driving instructors
 I honestly didn’t think I would find anyone who makes a driving lesson as enjoyable as he does!
 I always doubted myself 
and he honestly puts your mind at ease.. 
it’s like going for an hours drive with your mate! 
If you have any questions
 or anything you’d like to practice more on
 he deals with it straight away! 
So pleased I chose RPT Driver Training 
and would 100% recommend him to everyone!
I passed first time and its all thanks to Richard"

Matthew Barraclough

"Excellent driving instructor

highly recommend anyone wanting to start there lessons

to choose Richard

nothing but positive feedback I can leave

Daniel Moore

"I recently passed my test first time

with the help of Richard.

After years of giving up trying,

I would highly recommend him

for anyone seeking a instructor in the Halifax area.

Thank you."

Ellie Taylor

"Such a great driving instructor!!! Makes you feel comfortable

and doesn’t make you feel nervous,

I really would recommend you going with Richard if you want to pass"

Phillip Knowles

"when i started driving with richard id previously had other instructers and failed previous tests.

when i first got in to his car ill never forget.

said to him do u wanna know my driving experience/past??

he replied no thats gone its about here and now

show me what you can do and ill see how i can help!.

that to me is a true proffesionals words.

since then richard has been nothing but calm patient

and his teaching methods so easy to learn from.

i would recommend richard to anyone.

thankyou so much richard its been a pleasure and im very grateful. "

Gemma Greenberry

"Excellent instructor would highly recommend choosing Richard

to help you gain your full license!

Great supporter with a side of sarcastic comments

but it was exactly what I need to keep me calm

and enjoy my experience getting my full licence!"

Lydia Denton

"Cannot recommend Richard enough,

fantastic teacher and extremely patient with me,

made me feel comfortable and at ease,

especially when I felt as though I was struggling.

Gave me all the skills and knowledge to help me pass first time!

Thank you Richard"

Amber Warne

"When I first started my driving lessons with Richard

I had never been behind the wheel of a car.

Right from the start he made me feel so at ease

and had all faith in me as a learner

even though I was a bag of nerves to start off.

After a few lessons with Richard I felt confident

to get into the car and just set off without having to overthink things

and worry as he taught me everything that is needed

and gives you the confidence to go with it.

I am so pleased I went with Richard as my driving instructor

and even more pleased he helped me gain my full license.

I couldn't recommend him enough for anyone wanting an amazing driving instructor."

Kanaya Walker

"Absolutely amazing! Felt super comfortable from day one

and never felt rushed or a bother taking Covid into consideration!

Richard is friendly and would highly recommend

especially if you've never driven before."

Amber Warne

"I choose RPT Driver Training as Richard had taught my 

Brother and Sister. Richard not only teaches you to drive,

but helps buid your confidence and self-belief in your 

own ability to drive. 

If you are wanting to learn to drive

definitely try Richard"


Beth Allen

"When I first started driving with Richard I was such a scared and nervous driver,

with a constant death grip on the steering wheel,

but his personality and teaching style put me ease almost instantly.

I actually felt comfortable when driving for the first time in 8 years!

His teaching style is simple,and the way he explains things just make sense,

but the big thing for me was he didn't get mad at me if I did something wrong

Taking lessons with Richard feels like going out for drive with a friend for an hour,

and honestly choosing RPT Driver Training was the best decision I've ever made.

Thanks for everything Richard!"

Carey Fitzgerald

"I recently passed thanks to Richard!

I'd had no previous lessons and knew nothing about how to drive,

but from the first lesson he started building my confidence.

Lessons were always something i looked forward to,

and missed when when we had the covid lockdown breaks.

He was recommended to me

and I'll certainly be recommending him to anyone that asks"

Suzanne Greenaway

"I've never been a confident driver

and had a few instructors over the years

and after I got a recommendation for Richard

he has been by far the best instructor.

Ifound his method of teaching easy to understand and lessons were enjoyable.

Learning manoveours were so much easier than I had previously been taught.

I made progress over my lessons and I grew in confidence.

I would highly recommend Richard to anyone."

Fiona Leung

 "Recently passed my driving test with Richard's

help and I'd recommend him to anyone else looking to drive.

His lessons are enjoyable and increased my confidence with driving so much.

Thanks Richard"

Kieran Connelly

"Richard is easy going and makes driving easy for you.

The instructions he gives are simple and he made my learning to drive experience

5 star."

Josh Midgley

"Richard was a very good instructor, made me feel 100% confident.

A great experience being taught by Richard,

went through everything.

Very well organised and always on time.

Cheers Richard".

Kelvin Danforth

"100% recommend richard. Start lesson before covid 19 lock Down.

Passed my test on the 7th October.

He tells u everything you need to know.

I wasn't 100% I was ready but he said I was.

First attempt at it 8 minors.

I glad I listened to him thank you once again richard.

Cheers kelvin"

Robyn Broom

"I have recently passed with Richard at RPT Driver Training.

After changing instructors soon after starting my lessons,

I feel that my skills as a driver significantly grew in pace once switching to Richard.

He is easy going, makes the whole lesson process relaxing and not stressful.

He is an incredible driving instruction and thanks him I passed with only 2 minors.

I highly recommend anyone looking to start driving lessons to book with Richard."

Joshua Stead

"I highly recommend Richard he Helped me work past my problems

that I had with confidence and showed me where I went wrong

and what I needed to improve and work on".

Sincerely josh

Henry Wilson

"Was a great instructor, 

serious when it’s important 
but able to have a laugh with. 
Wouldn’t have wanted to learn from anyone else top bloke"

Elliot Cuttle

"Brilliant instructor, explains everything very clearly

and makes sure you understand.

Also provides great support

and makes sure you are calm and confident whilst learning."

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Jenny White

"Well, what can I say... I passed!

After being with so many instructors before I hadn’t got the confidence.

Richard is pretty sharp and straight to the point which is what I needed thanks".

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Karl Crawford

"I was very nervous to start driving

 but after a few lessons with Richard
 he reassured me and my confidence got better,
 I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Richard 
for helping me pass my test this morning
 I couldn’t do it without you."


Michela Harper

"I would 100% recommend Richard for driving lessons!

Each lesson he made me feel so at ease

and we had such a laugh from start to finish.

I looked forward to every lesson and there was never a dull moment learning with Richard. 

His teaching techniques were great and he always remained calm and understanding.

Thoroughly enjoyed this experience, you will too"


Alexandra Reid

"I found RPT Driver Training on google and after reading reviews decided it was the best for me. 

From my very first lesson until I passed Richard was fantastic. 
He make me feel relaxed in any situation we came across.
His training technique is second to none and all instructions were given clearly and easy to follow.
With this my confidence behind the wheel grew very quickly.
I cannot recommend Richard enough,
he is a pleasure to be around, extremely patient and professional at all times."

Sohaib Hussain

"I would highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for an instructor.

He is patient and provides constructive feedback at the end of lessons.

With Richards help I passed my test

and now feel confident that I can drive independently."

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Ben Hellowell

"Richard was my first and only driving instructor he helped me pass my test first time.
He gives great feedback on what I did right and wrong during the lessons
I had with him. I would highly recommend Richard to anybody that is learning to drive"

Freya Haslam

"Richard was my 3rd driving instructor and he was by far the best.
He was calm and gave really good constructive feedback during and at the end of each lesson.
He instilled confidence in my that enabled me to not just pass a test
but be confident on the road after my test.
I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive
no matter how much experience you have."

Aron Hendrickson

"Massive thanks to Richard and would recommend him 100% to anyone looking to pass there test.

I passed on my first attempt.

Richard has a sense of humour and makes you feel relaxed

all while still being professional.

had done 20 hours with him just to make sure I was ready

and has some initial experience with driving."

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Nicola Evans

"Excellent driving instructor. Recommended to me by so many of my friends

that had used him before,

I found Richard' s teaching methods easy to follow,

striaght forward and easy to remember;

My confidence grew more and more with each lesson!

I would definitely recommend Richard

to anyone who is looking to learn to drive."

Lauren Geraghty

"I highly recommend Richard 100%, brilliant tutor.

His driving methods work well. Richard is reassuring,

easy going and makes you feel relaxed.

Richard is professional but his sense of humour puts you at ease on your lessons.

My confidence grew after each lesson.

Richard also has useful resources to help you prepare for your theory test.

Thank you Richard for helping me pass!" ?

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Sarah Hutson

I started my lessons with Richard as a very unconfident driver with little to no belief

that I could ever pass my test.

I have finished today as a driver who passed first time

and now feels completely ready to drive independently!

Richard's teaching methods are simple,

clear and easy to follow and his manner with pupils

focuses completely on positive reinforcement.

I will be recommending RPT Driver Training

to any friends who need to learn to drive in the future.

Cannot thank you enough!

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Sasha Penny-Ward

"Got back into driving with Richard 

and after 12 lessons I took my test and passed. 
So grateful for all the help and confidence boost
 I needed to be able to get through my test. 100% will recommend 
to anyone looking for a driving instructor."

Willam Scrimshaw

"I Would highly recommend Richard to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

He is a great instructor and helped build my confidence up with his amazing methods

which are supported by his supportive personality"

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Jason Chapman

"Would defo recommend Richard

I had been through a few instructors and was struggling with my confidence

and Richard sorted all that and made sure I finally passed"

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Lewis Bray

“I chose RPT Driver training, after a
recommendation from my cousin who had 
previously had lessons and passed  with
RPT Driver Training
After checking the reviews I gave Richard a call and 
booked lessons. Richard taught me everything 
I needed to know about how to drive safely.
I enjoyed my lessons. Richard is patient and friendly
Now I have passed can’t wait to get out on the road.
Thank you Richard”

Emma Rayner

"100% recommend Richard he is a fantastic driving instructor.

Passed 1st time.

He is patient and friendly with great teaching techniques. Thank you"

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Jordan Booth

"I would highly recommend Richard to anyone who is looking to learn to drive. He is patient and calm and allowed me to make my own decisions, which really built up my confidence in the car. When I did make mistakes he gave clear, constructive criticism that was really useful. With Richard’s help I was able to pass first time.

Thank you."

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George Sparks

"I would highly recommend Richard, he’s been great from the start.
When I first started driving I was very nervous,
but after a few lessons my confidence was built up and I was put at ease,
my driving skills have come a long way thanks to Richard,
he is a great instructor would 100% recommend."

Jordan Penny

"I hadn't had lessons for well over a decade

so when I started lessons with Richard we picked up where I left off

and very quickly I got back in the swing of things and passed in no time!

It's been an absolute pleasure.

Richard is hilarious, patient and a great tutor. Highly recommended"

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driving lessons halifax customer reviews halifax

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