Driving lessons Halifax and Surrounding area Driving Lessons Halifax

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Driving Lessons Halifax
Driving Lessons Halifax

 Driving Lessons Halifax, And Surrounding Area's

RPT Driver Training

Provides theory and practical lessons

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Richard Tidswell

Our Driving School

 Driver Training

We have built a solid reputation for excellent customer service.

in conjunction with delivering results.

All of the driving lessons are fully structured.

With a firm objective of what is to be achieved during the session.

Once we have established the learning topic(s) with the student.

And checked a sound theory knowledge is in place for that topic.

we then set a plan to attain maximum learning during the llesson.

During The Lesson

We will set a goal

Richard will give full assistance when required.

Or simply use prompts to help guide to a successful outcome.

Their aim of course is to transfer responsibility to the student.

To enable totally independent driving. 

Using this system makes

Passing the practical test far more of a formality .

You will be provided with handouts to help reinforce what you have learned during the lesson.

The Driving Test

Are you ready?

As students will already have mastered

independent driving before the big day.

Ensuing far more confidence.

And as a result, far less driving test day nerves.

Based in Copley we deliver 

Driving Lessons Halifax, and surrounding area's

Libby Passing in Halifax.

If you want to be like Libby contact us and you will soon be on the road to your full licence.


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