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Information on tests
Driving Lessons Halifax
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Driving Lessons Halifax - Test Information

Test Information

The United Kingdom driving test is a test which drivers must pass to obtain a driving licence. Different tests are available for users of different vehicles, from car drivers, to motorcyclists and HGV drivers.

The test is separated into three distinct parts:

the theory test,

hazard perception test

and practical test.

It is necessary to pass all three parts, 


Some sites will make a charge for booking your test .

There is absolutely no need to pay a test booking fee.


All Customers will Receive Full and UNLIMITED access to Theory Test Pro

The Examiner

The Examiner’s job is to watch you drive and complete a report on your performance sometimes the examiner’s supervisor will sit in the back of the car- this is to regulate standards and ensure that everyone gets a fair test,


Driving test examiners do not try to trick you or catch you out, in fact they will be as helpful as possible, if you are unsure about any instruction, ask for clarification. Because of the nature of the job, examiners sit quietly and do not talk unnecessarily because this could distract you.


The Test

The test start’s in the waiting room. The examiner will come out and ask you to sign a form. He/she will check your theory certificate and


photographic licence,


will also be checked to ensure that it is current and valid for the vehicle that you are being tested in.

You will then be asked to lead the way to your car and complete a couple of “show me/tell me” questions. The examiner will note the make and registration number and will check that it complies with regulations. He/she will get into the car and briefly explain the test procedure to you. You should drive in a normal manner. “Follow the road ahead unless road signs or road markings indicate otherwise or unless I ask you to turn left or right in good time” this simply means you should drive normally, as you have been taught following the relevant rules.


The examiner’s language will be formal, but polite. For example “Take the next first road on the left please” “I would like you turn the car round to face the opposite direction”. “I’m pleased to tell you have passed your “etc. If you are unsure about any instruction, ask for it to be repeated. Don’t however ask questions about how you should drive the car as this will be meet with a polite “do what you would normally do” or something similar.


Your test will last for about 40 minutes and include a wide range of different roads 1 manoeuvre and a 10 minute independent drive. At the end of the test the examiner will tell you your result and briefly discuss the test.


When you pass, you will be able to apply for a full driving licence. Whether you pass or fail you will be given a report form showing the mistakes you have made during the drive, this will help both you and your instructor to improve your driving performance.


Stay calm and concentrate

NB: if you do not have

both parts of your licence

you will not take the test



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