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Driving Lessons Halifax
Driving Lessons Halifax

Here Are Some More Of Our Customer Reviews  

See what our pupils thought of RPT Driver Training

Beth Beeby

“I decided to take up driving lessons again after stopping for a while, as I

felt I was not make much progress with my last Instructor.

Richard was recommended to me by my cousin,

 who was taking lessons with him.

Straight away I felt I was learning and understanding more.

Richard is patient and helps build my confidence.

Now passed and will be recommending RPDriver Training,

To anyone who needs a good instructor.

Nathan Yelverton

“After talking with friends at school I decided to take my lessons with

RPDriver Training. From the 1st lesson I enjoyed learning to drive.

Richard gives positive feedback. Focusing on the positives

and how to improve on places I was not happy with.

Now passed my test thank you Richard.

Would recommend RPDriver Training”

Naomi Richmond 

“I choose RP Driver Training after looking at the reviews I Called and had a talk with  Richard on the phone. He had said have a lesson and see how you feel after. If I did not think it was a right fit for me then that was ok. After an enjoyable lesson decided to go with

RP Driver Training.”

“Lesson with Richard were focused and fun now passed my test.

Will and have recommended RPDriver Training.”

“Thank you Richard for all your help”

Chloe Dixon 

“I started my lessons with another driving school but felt we did a lot 

of just been parked up and talking, discussed this with my boyfriend who suggested I go with RPDriver Training.

Gave Richard a call and talked about how a felt

he suggested we go for a lesson see how I felt

if I was not happy the stick with the instructor I had.

 Which I did and learnt more in that hour

than I had with previous school. Lessons where structured and fun.

“Richard is an excellent Instructor helped me get over the nerves

and built my confidence and self belief

that I could go out on my own and be able to pass the test

would recommend to anyone. Thank you Richard”

Louis Bamford

“I was looking at starting driving lessons a couple of friends at collage

suggested RPDriver Training they had been and passed their test

with Richard. Called and used the

10 for £180 try us and see deal to book lessons.

Richard is patient and offers advise on how thing could be done better.

And gave me the confidence and self-belief that I could drive.

Now passed my test and pick up my car on Saturday can’t wait.

Would like to thank Richard for all his help,

and will be recommending RPDriver Training to others.”

Lauren Mashford

“I was really nervous about learning to drive.

I shouldn’t have been Richard really put me

at ease from the very 1st lesson.

Richard explained things well and felt comfortable with the things

we were trying to achieve during each lesson.

Took my a couple of attempts to pass the test due to nerves.

But Richard made sure I kept going and to believe in myself.

Passed yesterday (24th of October.) Thank you Richard

will be recommending RPDriver Training"

Josh Murray

“I had lessons sometime ago and was looking to get back into it.

Searched around on the Internet and saw RPDriver Training.

Looked at the web site and saw the reviews,

and also the try us and see deal.

Called and booked a lesson.

Hit it off with my Instructor Richard straight away.

Very calm and makes you feel comfortable and at ease.

Each lesson we worked on something new

or something I felt I needed to improve on until I felt confident.

Now passed would like to thank Richard for all his help.

Would recommend RPDriver Training to anyone wanting to learn.”

Kirstie Mccormack

I had driving lessons a while ago and wanted to start again now having 2

children would make life easier if  I could drive. My brother, sister

and cousin had used RPDriver Training and passed

so I gave Richard a call and arranged a lesson.

Richard is patient and explains thing so you understand

what you are trying to do.

If something went wrong took the time to go through it

to find the reason what went wrong and how it could be corrected

then had another go at it.

Felt confident going into my test.

Now passed and have my own car freedom at last

not relying on other people. Thank you so much Richard.”

“Will be and have recommended RP Driver Training to others”

Josh Robertshaw

My Sister used RPDriver Training as her training provider along with some of my friends and it proved very successful so that made up my mind who I was going to trust with mine."
At first I found learning to drive to be more difficult than I thought it would be, but soon after a few lessons I was really enjoying it and finding it exciting.
My Driving Instructor Richard Tidswell had very simple teaching methods which were clear and easy for me to understand.
I have and will be recommending the School and my Instructor to others because of my experience as everything was made simple for me to do."

Rebecca Hodges

I had previously been with another driving school and did not feel I was connecting with the Instructor so decided to change. My boyfriend had passed his test with RPDriver Training So I gave them a call straight away I felt comfortable with my instructor Richard he was very patient and explained things in away I understood. I received great service and will be recommending to others”

Laura Chapman 

“I found my lessons to be more enjoyable

than I had anticipated they would be.  

My Driving Instructor was Richard and he was brilliant,

being very patient

t and would always explain himself very clearly!
I was looking for a good quality of lessons

when searching who to learn with

and I definitely received this and in addition

to this I was also looking for a School with a good reputation

a lot have my friends had used

RP Driver Training. 
I received great service

so would recommend to others

and in my opinion Richard is a great Instructor!! 

Have my own car can

now enjoy the freedom thank you Richard "

Ben Linsel

“Many of my friends recommended

RPDriver Training to me and I’m glad that they did. 

Learning to drive was not as stressful as I first thought.

My Instructor Richard Tidswell had very good teaching

methods as well as being understanding

and calm which is exactly what I needed.

There was also a good structure to each lesson

which helped me to improve.

I felt really confident going into my test

and was very happy with each lesson that passed

and this is why I will recommend the School to others.”

Megan Spencer 

"My Driving Instructor was Richard and I found his methods to be brilliant.

I had previously been learning with another driving school

and feel they were helping me in the area’s I felt less confident

Richard’s methods were completely different

and made me feel so more confident and capable to achieve my goal.
I will and have already recommended my instructor to others."

Kieran Riding

“I had previously been with another driving school, but felt I was not moving forward.

A friend at work suggested I contact

RPDriver Training. Gave them a call discussed what I wanted

Richard suggested an assessment lesson to see where I was at,

after the lesson Richard talked about how we were going to achieve a pass in the time frame I wanted,  

suggested I get the theory test booked so we could keep moving ahead.

Straight away I was happier than I was with the other school could see a clear plan.

Learning with Richard Is in a relaxed atmosphere.

And each subject was explained clearly then practiced

with a talk through until I felt comfortable doing it on my own.

Now passed within the time frame we had set out. Can’t recommend

RPDriver  Training Enough and thanks to my instructor Richard.”

Gary McBride

“Had wanted to learn for years but did not feel confident in being able to do it.

A few members of the family had passed with RP Driver Training.

So talked with Richard about how I felt. Said give it a couple of lessons see how you feel.

Today I passed and feel I have achieved something I never thought I could do.

Richard didn’t only teach me to drive but gave me the self-confidence and belief

I could go out on the road by myself. Now have my own car and more freedom thank you Richard”

Jack Prince

“A few of my friends from the rugby club had taken there lessons with RPDriver training, and passed so I gave Richard a call lessons are relaxed and enjoyable. Everything was explained well of what we were trying to do and how we could achieve it safely. Hand-Outs were provide so I could refresh anything we had covered so it was fresh in my memory on the next lesson now I have passed feel feel more than ready go out on the road thanks to Richard

James Haigh 

“I was very nervous about learning to drive I called RPDriver Training and had a long chat on the phone and liked what Richard had to say so decide to give it a go. Richard was very calming and explained thing when I made a mistake of how I could improve, started to gain in confidence, and though determination I was ready to take my test took me a couple of goes because of nerves, Richard kept be believing in myself and now I have passed. Have my own car and can’t wait to get out on the road. Thank you Richard"

Luke Borla-Tridon

RPDriver Training had been recommended to me by a family member, who had previously had lessons with Richard. Glad I called learning was a great experience with Richard, patient nothing was ever rushed learned at a relaxed pace so I understood what we were trying to achieve and given time to put what I had learned into practice on my own. Now passed and have my own car. Highly recommend RPDriver Training”

Mike Martin

“I had been looking for a driving school, and saw RPDriver Training advert on Facebook. Had a look at the web site and looked at a few reviews. And decided to call, had a long chat with Richard liked what he had to say. Had an assessment drive and came up with a plan. Richard was calm and relaxed explained things well got me to think how I could have done something better if I hadn’t done it correctly. Just gone

self employed recently so need to pass .With help from Richard passed today would recommend RPDriver Training to anyone thinking of taking up driving lessons.”

Emma Shooter 

“My  previous instructor had decided to stop teaching learner driver’s. I found RPDriver Training on the Internet. I gave Richard a call and after talking on the phone for a while and discussing what I had done with my previous instructor Richard advised we had an assessment lesson and after discuss a way forward with training. After the lesson we talked about what I had done well and where I needed to improve.

Richard gave me the confidence to push on and now I have passed Jthank you so much. 

Kristy Mulholland

“I had to change instructor as my previous one was cutting his hours back and could no longer fit me in. I had seen RP Driver Training on Facebook a couple of my friends had lessons with Richard, and when I checked the reviews page I gave them a call. Richard explains thing well and if I did not understand would find a way of explaining things so that I did understand. He gave me the confidence and self-belief to go on and pass my test. Having my own business I needed to be able to drive, thank you Richard for helping me to get my full licence”

Katie Hartley

“I had been taking lessons from another local driving instructor,

but decided to cut my losses and change

as I felt I was not learning a great deal.

I found RP Driver Training on Google

and went with them after looking around

his website & the customer reviews

I saw a couple of my friends had gone with them.

Richard’s teaching methods are great!!

They are basic, simple and so easy to pick up.

I felt like I was improving a lot with each lesson,

which inspired me with confidence.

I would definitely recommend him

as he is very professional, proficient and supportive”.

Marija Ilić 

"I called RPDriver Training because of the reviews I had seen.

Very glad I did Richard is easy going and helpful, would highly recommend.

From the start of my lessons I was very nervous but Richard soon calmed me down. With the help of Richard I passed today, good luck to all starting to learn, don’t worry and enjoy your

the experience.

Ryan Rooney

"I decided on RPDriver Training for my driving lessons

because of the reviews

I heard from friends. 

Richard was very helpful.

And I felt no pressure from him at any time.

I found the School to be good value for money.

Richard was very friendly and had good teaching methods

which all helped me to pass first time.

Will be recommending

RP Driver Training to my friends"

Olivia Johnson

"I Had been learning with another driving school previously

and my new instructor Richard was a lot better.

I found Richards to be calm and relaxed. He was easy to talk to

and also very easy to discuss things with

when things weren’t going right and what I need to do, to improve.
Richard gave clear instructions on what we were to be covering. 
I would definitely recommending the School to my friends because of the friendliness

And teaching methods."

Holly Leonard

“My Instructor was Richard who’s teaching methods

made learning to drive very easy, he was very patient and easy to get along with.

I liked the training methods because once I knew the syllabus

I got to pick what I wanted to do.

There were no set lesson plan although each lessons was structured

 and I always knew what I had to work on and improve on.

I would recommend RP Driver Training to everyone, 

very easy to get along with and always had time for me”. 

Abigail Tidswell 

"My Instructor Richard was always positive

and reassuring which made me feel confident about my abilities.

 My experience of learning to drive

was better than I thought it would be.

 I never felt pressurised into doing anything I wasn't ready for

based on my ability.

Now I have passed feel confident enough

to go out on my own" 

Jordan Baldwin

 “Driving was a lot more fun than I had anticipated

and this was because my Instructor Richard

instilled confidence in me

and his instruction was easy to follow.”

“I felt really confident whilst learning and even more

so now I have passed and am out on the roads.” 

Georgia Paris Tiffney

"Brilliant instructor! Very supportive and patient.

Fantastic support given for both practical and theory tests.

Couldn't have got over pre test nerves without him!

would definitely recommend

RP Driver Training"

Alexandria Pownall 

"My Instructor Richard was brilliant

and his teaching methods were really easy to follow

and he made me feel relaxed.

Richard was very friendly and patient"

Billy Cowgill

“A lot of my friends are learning to drive with RPDriver Training.

which is what made up my mind to learn with them as well.”

“My Instructor was Richard Tidswell who was really good.”

“Richard offered a very good service and advice,

and gave me the confidence to go on and pass my test.” 

Justine Galthen

"Loved my lessons from the start,

always comfortable made everything really straight forward.

Would not of passed today if it wasn't for this guy!(Richard) Thank you so much!!! Passed first time!" Would recommend to anyone.

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