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Driving Lessons Halifax
Driving Lessons Halifax

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Brandon Gilling 

"Richard is a great instructor!  He is calm and understanding,

he treats you with a lot of respect and gives you plenty of independence whilst learning to drive,

which is good on the run up to your test.  He asks "What went wrong?"

 and coaches you to figure out problems for yourself so that you can work on it and understand

what it is you're doing wrong and how you could have done it better.

He makes sure you are in the right frame of mind for your test and

seeing the positive’s if you don't succeed first time now passed and feel great thanks

Richard for all your help.” 

Kayliegh West

I Chose Richard for my lessons

as my sister had previously passed with him.

Was really nervous when I started my lessons with RPT Driver Training.

Richard is really calm and put’s you at your ease, anything

You don’t understand will go through it with you until you do.

He emphasises the need to drive safely

using good awareness and planning,

Really good instructor I gained so much confidence,

 and passed my test 1st time with ease.

Thank you so much Richard.

Lauren Johnson 

Richard is the most superb instructor!

He was my 3rd instructor and by far the best,

he made me feel comfortable and at ease on my lessons,

 and made them such fun

which I never experienced with my previous instructors.

I had 0 confidence when I first began my lessons

and this progressed more and more each week

I wouldn't be where I am today with him!

 I would 100% recommend Richard

to anyone who is in need of a driving instructor

Mae Bailey

Was looking to start my driving lessons

 and a couple of friends suggested RPT Driver Training.

Looked on line and saw some of the reviews and gave

Richard a call started lessons with him.

Richard makes you feel confident and gives you the self –belief

To drive safely. Had a laugh along the way.

Now passed and have the confidence to drive on my own.  

Great driving instructor. Will recommend to other people.

Thanks for all your support and help Richard

Josh Stead

“I was looking for a new driving school and found

RPT Driver Training on the Internet through Facebook

 and saw some of my friends had passed with Richard.

His instructions were clear and I understood what needed to be done quickly.

My learning experience was awesome. Thank you for everything Richard”

Matthew Barrett

“I found learning to drive quicker and easier

to pick up than I had anticipated.”

My Instructor Richard  was very clear

with his instructions

 and I found his use of the I pad

with drawings and apps very useful.

Any mistakes that are made Richard

talks you through how you can improve form

the experience and gain knowledge

if the situation comes up again.

“My friends and I have found learning with

 the School a very stress free experience

and good value for money.”

Archie Andrade

“I moved to Halifax from Aberdeen on

a rugby scholarship. And was wanting to continue

to learn to drive. Some of the lads I met through Rugby

had learned with Richard at RPT Driver Training .

So gave him a call and started my lessons in Halifax again with him.

Richard is laid back and calm. Puts points across in a

Manner you understand and builds confidence and

Self-belief. Now passed thank you Richard for all your help”

Sean Quill

"I chose RPT Driver Training

 because I wanted someone approachable and easy going

 and the reviews I saw were good.
Learning to drive was a bit harder than I expected, but I enjoyed it.
Richard’s teaching methods were easy to get on with

and understand. I was really well taught.
I have already recommend you to others

 because you're friendly

and you offer exceptional teaching."

Becky Thompson

“I had been taking lessons on and off over a couple years

but never really had the self -belief that I could drive let alone pass the test,"

Decided to have lessons again

a few people i knew had passed with Richard

so decided to have lessons with RPT Driver Training.

“Richard is an amazing driving instructor,

he gave me the confidence

I needed to pass my test lessons were fun

and always learning they weren’t mistakes it was

“how could improve what we had just done?”

" Now on the road and enjoying my new found freedom.

I would recommend RPT Driver Training  to anyone."

Josh Bradley

“So back last year I passed my theory test

and decided I needed to get back Into learning again. 
Richard was recommended to me by a friend 
And now I have my licence because of it.
The way Richard teaches is calm

and helps boost confidence as it did mine.

And I passed 1st time
Thanks again Richard.

Would recommend RPT Driver training to anyone” 

Brandon Minchin

“Richard is by far one of the best instructors. He has lots of patience, will help out whenever he can, and makes you feel comfortable while doing it. I definitely believe it was Richard’s training that helped me pass first time”

Bethany Collins

“Richard’s a very good instructor - with a lot of patience. Would recommend him to anyone who wants to start learning. Was nervous at the start and never thought I'd pass but gained a lot of confidence each time I had a lesson. Loved every lesson I had and learnt so much! Thanks for helping me pass”

Molly Allinson

“I would highly recommend Richard to anyone,

I found him patient and friendly making me a confident new driver.”

Amy Leonard

"I chose RPT Driving School because my sister

had her lessons with them and glad I did. Richard’s

teaching style is fun and when you are doubting yourself,

he gives you the confidence to go on and believe in yourself.

Was nervous for my test but passed 1st time.

Thank you Richard”

Shannon Dawson

“I PASSED FIRST TIME - and started off with a massive phobia of driving.

I learned fairly quick as well. I cannot recommend him enough. The lessons are great and relaxing and obviously are good because even I passed and I'm not the brightest bulb in the box. Everyone I know he taught loved it and passed first time too.”

Faisal Parvez

"Looking for a driving school found RPT Driver Training

on line read some of the reviews

and gave them a call, and booked my lesson.

I found learning to drive with Richard much easier

than I expected due to the really easy to follow

methods used to teach which made the whole experience

very relaxed and fun.”

Sophie Gwyther 

"A friend of mine recommended Richard as a driving instructor so I chose to have my driving lessons with him. I found Richard to be a very good instructor and learning to drive he gave my the confidence to pass my test,

 due to his teaching and coaching. I will certainly be recommending him to friends and family. Thanks for everything Richard."

Rachel Lewis 

“I found RPT Driver Training online via Google.

I chose this school for the website reviews and reasonable prices.

My driving experience was good and was made simple and straightforward.

I would recommend Bernie as he has a very professional school. Flexible with times and good price. I had a previous driving experience and Bernie teaches you according to your driving ability.

The teaching methods were easy to understand.”

Catherine Kennedy

I had not driven in a few years after not passing a couple of tests

I had given up.

A few of my friends had passed with Richard,

and after talking to him thought I

Would give it another go.

Glad I did, had a great time learning with Richard, he

Has given me the confidence and self belief I can drive,

was always so nervous in the car when I was learning before.

Passed 1st time with Richard can’t thank him enough

for helping me achieve my goal of passing my driving test.

Feel great can’t believe it at the moment.

Chelsea Warne

“I chose RPT Driver Training because my brother recommended them, I was really nervous getting in the car for the 1st time, driving was something I thought I would never be able to do, But my lessons with Richard were brilliant he gave me lots of confidence, and helped me believe in myself. I passed 1st time I am so proud of my achievement all thanks to Richard”

Stephen Midgley

“I chose RPT Driver Training because a friend recommended them, I had been having lessons with a previous instructor, but my lessons with Driving Instructor Richard Tidswell were well above the standard I had been experiencing. He gave me lots of confidence, good preparation and calmed my nerves for the Driving Test. He always gave good advice and answered any questions I had. Thanks Richard”

Fred Owens

“So after 4 theory tests, 2 of which I passed, and driving lessons spanning over 3 years, I have finally passed my driving test, thanks to Richard. Had other instructors but Richard gave me the belief and self-confidence to pass. His teaching style suited me, always made me focus on the positives and to improve on the negatives.

Highly recommend RPT Driver Training.”

Nathaniel Wood

“I had my test booked unfortunately my Instructor was unable to take me. A friend recommended Richard. I gave him a call after a chat he agreed to give me an assessment lesson and if I was up to test standard he would take me which he did. With another couple of lessons to get used to the car and a couple of things he said I needed to improve on, I past 1st time would like to thank Richard for stepping in, and his help on the couple of things I needed to improve on.”

Jemma Lane 

“I would like to say a massive thank you to Richard Tidswell of RPT Driver Training for the driving lessons and getting me through my test, I literally couldn't have don't it without you”

Joe Johnson

"I was so eager to get my driving license as soon as turned 17. I had 2 instructors before Richard and he was by far the best - wish I had got into contact with Richard in the first place!! If you're wanting to learn how to drive Richard is your man! Passed today first time and couldn't be happier, thanks again Richard"

Warren Hildred

"Had a brilliant time learning to drive with Richard! He has all the knowledge of the safest and best ways to drive and he applies this with fantastic teaching methods. From day one he filled me with confidence to get behind the wheel and drive the car myself. From this I gathered the skill and confidence to enable me to gain my full driving licence. I am so grateful and thank Richard very much for his time and effort with me and I have no reservations with recommending him to anyone!!"

Joseph Brady

Great driving instructor helps you feel very comfortable behind the wheel,

Richard explains everything well,

and discusses what and how I can achieve the goal that has been set.

 Reaaly heplped me calm my nerves before my driving test.

Toby Hornsby

 “Richard is able to identify your strengths and weaknesses straight away and allows you to make your own mistakes as you progress, and how to correct the mistakes. He is clear to understand and will always strive to improve you, his test mentality is extremely useful and he is able to find what motivates you to get over the line. Thanks Richard”.

Ellis Nuttall

“I chose RPT Driver Training because some of my friend went with Richard and spoke highly of him”

“Learning to drive was a lot less stressful and more laid back, it did not take as long as expected.

Learning to drive was a lot more intuitive than I thought”"I found Richard’s teaching methods very good

and easy to follow allowing me to quickly pick up the needed techniques and skill of driving”.

“Yes, I would recommend RPT Driver Training”.

 Ellie Mae

“I was very nervous to start driving, but

Richard made me feel at ease during my lessons!

I learnt so much in a little amount of time.

 And I feel that he helped me to learn very quickly,

 and gave such good advice with the things I struggled with.

Richard has really good but simple teaching method.

And I would highly recommend him!

He made me feel confident about my driving

and for that I would like to say a big thank-you to Richard

 for helping me to achieve my first time pass!

Darryl Tidswell

“Thank you for everything Richard. I will recommend you 100%. You made me feel so confident and relaxed and made everything easy to understand. So happy I made the choice taking my lessons with RPT Driver Training.

Tom Wade

“I decided to go with RPT Driver Training because of the reviews they had on their website. I had taken lesson’s a few years ago but gave it up. Richard was so supportive and patient throughout my driving lessons, he made learning to drive easy. Richard always made sure I understood something before going onto a different topic. He made me feel comfortable from the very beginning and was flexible to fit around my work. I would definitely recommend RPDriver Training especially, to all my family and friends.”

Holly Scrimshaw

“I would definitely recommend RPDriver Training to my friends and family as they were really easy to get in touch with and set up lessons.  Richard was always as flexible as possible when booking in my lessons so that I could reach my goal of passing.”
“I really enjoyed learning to drive with Richard.  He always kept me positive and was brilliant at pinning down where I was having problems and helping me to fix them.  He was always calm when talking me through situations and completely honest with me when I wasn't doing something correctly.  His methods really worked for me and I had a great laugh with him on my lessons too.  Thank You so much for getting me through my test first time, Richard”.

Josh Brown

"I chose RPDriver Training because I found their page on Facebook and the reviews were great so I decided on them.
The basic things of learning to drive were easier to grasp than I expected.  As lessons progressed, it got tougher.

Richard’s teaching methods were great, and the way he explained things couldn't of been any easier...I got the hang of it within minutes and he was a great teacher.
I would definitely recommend you to others because the teaching was good.  The way it was explained was easy to understand and overall, it was good teaching.
Nothing could have been done better...overall it was a good service and I was pleased with it."

Jared Ellis 

“After having a few driving lessons with another driving school

and felt I was not making any progress.

A friend at school recommended RPDriver Training who

he had passed with recently”

“Gave Richard a call and booked an assessment lesson

immediately I could tell the difference

did more in 2 hours with Richard than I had

with my previous instructor”.

“Richard gave me the confidence and belief

that I would be a safe driver on the road

if your looking for driving lessons give RPDriver training a call”

Connor Marshall 

“I started driving lessons but gave it up wish I hadn’t decided it was time I needed to pass

“I looked around the internet  and looked a few driving schools read the reviews on RP Driver Training and decided to give them a call had a chat with Richard and booked a lesson.”
“Straight away felt comfortable Richard keeps it simple lets if you make a mistake talks it through and helps you find a way of how you could have done it better.”

“Now passed I couldn’t be happier on the road at last thank you Richard highly recommended”

Heidi Brier

 “I felt more relaxed than I expected.

Really good, the methods of teaching used

made it clear for me to understand what I was doing.

Yes, I had a really enjoyable experience learning to drive.

I never felt under pressure and

I loved how everything was explained to me in such detail "

James Murray

“I felt more relaxed than I expected.

Really good, the methods of teaching used

made it clear for me to understand what I was doing.

Yes, I had a really enjoyable experience learning to drive.

I never felt under pressure and

I loved how everything was explained to me in such detail "

Kyra Karim 

“I chose RPDriver Training as A reliable school

with good reviews and Recommendations f

rom people I know.

I found it was much more relaxed

than what I thought I would be,

and therefore it was enjoyable.

Very safe and efficient methods of teaching were used

to ensure a safe driver.

Yes I would recommend,

because the methods of teaching is very effective

and fun. There is nothing to fault.

Customer service and teaching

was to a very high standard.”

Emma Caley

"I wanted to say one huge thank you to Richard on getting me through my driving test".

"Despite my nerves I did enjoy the lessons from start to finish and I don’t think the outcome would have been the same or at least would have taken a lot longer if I had chosen someone else to teach me".

"Your calming and friendly yet highly professional and organised methods are what got me through test 1st time"

Harry Stone

"After moving to Halifax I searched the internet for a new instructor after seeing the reviews, I gave RP Driver Training a call and spoke to Richard.

And booked lessons he is very calm and relaxed always looking at the positives and how to change the negatives. How to stay safe and not take risks, by being able to be able to read the road ahead. Today I passed with 0 faults. Could not be any happier thank you Richard for all your help”

Mathew Smith

"I chose Richard to be my driving instructor after searching the internet and seeing the reviews.

After a few lessons I felt more confident with him than my previous instructor.

He taught me in a way that was interesting

and easy to understand as well

as answering any questions I had.

I will definitely recommend

RPDriver Training

to anyone wanting to learn to drive

Because my driving has improved no end as a result of learning with Richard. Thanks so much!!!"

TJ Medows

My instructor was very patient and flexible working with a schedule that suited me. We went through the syllabus at my own pace so that I felt confident that I can drive with good skills on each area.He would explain why, what and how to do everything before we did them .

I am happy and pleased to say that

I successfully passed my test

Unlike other instructors you do not prolong the classes just to make more money but you put forward the learner benefit at first. It’s not easy to find such sincere instructor like yourself

I would strongly recommend you to all learners. I wish you all the very best for the future.


Lauren Bywater

“I found learning to drive to be lots of fun.

 The good reviews I had seen made up my mind

 who I was going to learn to drive with.

 My Instructor Richard Tidswell was fantastic

 he had patience with me

and explained techniques really well.

I found the prices to be good value.

Will be recommending to others”

Lewis Fisher

“Had passed my bike test and now wanted to have a car instead

The most important factors for me when choosing who to trust

with my driving tuition was the quality of Instructor

I'd get and for them to be also be available

 for regular lessons of which I received.

My Driving Instructor was Richard Tidswell

 and he introduced good teaching methods

 and taught me all I needed to know for life

 on the road quickly and efficiently."

More Of Our Customer Reviews - Halifax And Surrounding Area

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