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help with some driving test tips
help with some driving test tips
Driving Lessons Halifax
Driving Lessons Halifax

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Many learner drivers dread

their driving test.

Our tips can increase

your chance of passing 1st time

Driving schools halifax test tips 

It only lasts around 40 minutes, but the driving test can be one of the most stressful moments in your life if you're a learner driver. The amount of time and money you’ve invested has finally led to this moment, but one mistake could easily cost you that pass.

To calm your driving test nerves, we’ve come up with some handy advice. From important pre-test preparation to ways of making the driving test run smoothly, here are our tips and tricks on how to increase your chances of passing on the big day.

Test tips: Learn at your own pace

Everyone learns at their own pace – some are ready for their driving test with just 50 hours of lessons, while others can take twice that time. Be patient and book your driving test when your instructor says you’re ready. Rushing will only leave you underprepared and set you up for a failure.

Test tips: Practice your manoeuvres often

Thousands miss out on a pass each year because they fail to do their manoeuvres correctly. Only regular practice can help you become comfortable with your manoeuvres, which will make you less likely to mess them up on the test.

Test tips: Learn outside of your lessons

Most learner drivers average two hours of driving lessons a week, but it's easy to forget what you’ve learned between lessons. In these gaps, it's a good idea to get a friend or relative to take you out in their car for extra practice. Not only are you less likely to forget what your instructor taught you, but you’re also gaining some extra valuable experience. It's worth noting that to drive on the road, the friend or relative sitting with you must be over 21 and have had a full driving licence for at least three years. You also need the relevant learner driver insurance, too.


Test tips: Prepare for the weather

The weather in the UK is unpredictable at the best of times and you don’t know if the roads will by dry, wet or icy on the day of your test. Driving in as many weather conditions as possible will prepare you for the unexpected and stop you from being caught out.

Test tips: Mock driving tests

Do mock driving tests with your instructor on every likely test route that could come up on test day. Becoming familiar with these routes will boost your confidence and may help you predict some of the examiner's instructions during the test. 

Test tips: Choosing the right time

The time of your test can affect your performance – you're more likely to panic and make mistakes, if you take your test during rush hour when there's loads of traffic. If possible, book a time when there's less traffic on the road, as this could make your test easier.

Test tips: Keep it quiet

Don’t go telling everyone you know when your driving test is. This will only pile on more pressure to pass and make you more nervous.

Test tips: Create a checklist for the day

Remember to create a checklist of important documents to take on the day of your test. It sounds obvious, but you won’t be able to take the driving test unless you bring confirmation of your theory test pass and both parts of your provisional driving licence – the photocard and paper counterpart.

Test tips: Get a good night's sleep

Tiredness and hunger can seriously affect concentration levels, so make sure you have a decent night's sleep and a good meal before heading off to the test centre. Get there at least ten minutes early, too, so you’re not rushing and getting into a panic.

Test tips: Use a car you’re familiar with

Take your test using a car you’re familiar with - ideally the one you’ve been learning in. You’ll be familiar with things like the location of all the controls or the clutch's biting point and won’t be caught out by anything unfamiliar.

Test tips: Exaggerate your actions

Examiners will be making sure you’re a safe driver by examining whether you’re looking at your mirrors properly or if you’re checking for oncoming traffic at junctions. Slightly exaggerating these actions will ensure they notice that you are indeed a safe and sensible driver.

Test tips: It's okay to make mistakes

Don’t worry if you make a mistake during your driving test. As long as it's not dangerous and you resolve the issue calmly and safely, the examiner won’t have any reason to fail you.

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